C motor not spinning

Had my drone 3.0 for a couple days and had been flying successfully. No hard crashes or anything.  Worked fine. Then the "C" motor stopped spinning. At rest, with power on, all LED's were lit including arm "C". With the controller throttle set to minimum, the "C" rotor would spin slightly, with all other rotors staying stationary. When I apply throttle, motors "A", "B", and "D" would spin up as expected, but motor "C" would not, causing drone to flip. Based on this, I thought there was a problem with motor "C", so I ordered a replacement "C" arm (took 6 weeks to arrive). When the replacement arrived, I installed the new "C" arm but it behaves exactly like the original. Motor "C" led is lit (indicating power), it spins lightly under no throttle, and does not spin properly at throttle. Obviously, there was nothing wrong with the original arm and motor. Any suggestions?? Help.


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