Image reception issues with FPV headset

When using the FPV Carbon Kit with your existing FPV receiver kit, make sure that the antennas match.

I had a hard time to get my setup to work and reception was very short-ranged and often breaking up mid-flight.

The main cause of the issues was an antenna mismatch. Clover leaf antennas are circular polarized. The polarization is indicated with a direction: Left of Right. To have proper reception, the signal emitted needs to be received by an antenna with matching polarization orientation. 

The antenna that comes with the carbon racing kit is Right Hand Circularly Polarized, often seen as the acronym "RHCP".  

If the receiver is also fitted with a clover leaf antenna, make sure that it's also "RHCP" or the FPV experience will be miserable. 

I figured this out the hard way. I hope it helps others.

kr, Gerard.


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