Changing a Motor Arm

Like all of the parts in the Micro Drone 3.0 the motor arms are modular, so if one is broken through a hard crash it is easily replaced.

To swap out a motor arm:

  1. Start by removing the shell (for more information please see the removing the shell tutorial)
  2. Each motor arm is secured by one screw. Take a Philips head screwdriver and remove the screw.
  3. Unplug the arm from the PCB by gently pulling it out.
  4. Slide out the arm being replaced and slide in the new arm, ensuring it is the correct arm for the position and the arm goes in all of the way.
  5. Put the screw back into position and turn clockwise until it is thumb tight.
  6. Finally plug the new arm into the empty socket in the PCB and put the shell back on.

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