Attaching The Propeller Guards

The propeller guards are designed to protect the propellers from bumping into obstacles. We recommend using the guards when flying inside or if you are an inexperienced pilot.

To attach the propeller guards follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn the drone upside down and line up the hole in the guard, with the clips on the arm, just behind the motor. The guard should be attached to one arm with a red propeller and one arm with a black propeller.
  2. Flex the bracket and ease it onto the clip.
  3. Check that both guards are firmly attached and ensure the propellers spin freely, not catching the guards before take off. 
  4. If the propellers do catch the guard, the motor shaft may have slipped down in its holder. If this is the case push the motor shaft up and the black holder should click back into place in the arm.


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